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1. Annual Idling Fuel Cost* Example   Your Actual
    Number of trucks 1 truck(s)
    Number of weeks you idle 30 weeks weeks
    Number of days per week you idle 5 days days
    Number of hours per day you idle 8 hours hours
    Total idling hours per year (BxCxD=E) 1200 hours/year
    Fuel consumption at idle (Litres/hour) 3 L/h L/h
    Fuel cost per Litre .94 $/L
    Idling fuel cost per year (ExFxG=H) $3,384.00 $/year
2. Espar Equipment Cost      
  I     AIRTRONIC D2 heater cost (use your quoted price**) $1,750.00 dollars
  J     AIRTRONIC D2 operating cost per year
    (0.23 L/hr x ExG = J)
$259.44 $/year
Please note that the Espar equipment cost is subtracted from the idling cost in the savings calculation. The savings below factors in your equipment cost.
3. Your savings:      
  K     2 years = A x [2x(H-J)-I] $4,499.12 dollars
  L     3 years = A x [3x(H-J)-I] $7,623.68 dollars
  M     4 years = A x [4x(H-J)-I] $10,748.24 dollars
  N     5 years = A x [5x(H-J)-I] $13,872.80 dollars
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